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ESPO s.r.l. was founded in 1988 from the experience of Francesco Esposito. 
Espo s.r.l. proves to be a partenr for every needs in the paper, converting industry and for all slitting applications. 

The company has established itself as a leading manufacturer of pneumatic knifeholders, slitting systems and blades. 
The peculiarities of the 'company is the professionalism with which to be able to solve all the problems of cutting, using the experience of their staff and developing flexible products to meet every need. 
While the production department of the blades is able to satisfy all requests, making knives and blades in series is available on request. 

In 1993 Espo moved to Corbetta (MI) on a production area in the years up to grows up to 800 square meters. 

Espo s.r.l. manages to say more and more relished the presence of both italian and international market, always offering reliable products and technically advanced. 
As a dynamic reality, over the years, the company strengthens prorpio skills, focalizzandonsi always with the same determination on every aspect: from accepting the demands of customers in the design of complete systems to individual blades for cutting longitudinal or transverse. 

In 2009 the company moved to its current location, always Corbetta (MI); the production area is increased to 2500 sqm. 

From over 20 years ESPO s.r.l. is the reference of  MADE IN ITALY about the slitting application. 

   Espo s.r.l. - Advanced Cutting Technologies
   via Alberto da Giussano 30, 20010 Corbetta (Mi)
   Tel. +39 02-97.77.967 :: Fax. +39 02-97.77.968 :: mail.
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