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Espo s.r.l. It offers service at 360° for every need


Sharpening blades and anvils: the internal production department are dedicated to sharpening machines. This allows us to offer a fast and efficient service.


We are able to offer maintenance on portacotelli groups and cutting on site.


The experience of our technical staff in conjunction with the flexibility of products allows you to create products on customer request


We can provide a compete revision of rewinding / slitting machines combined with the revision of the cutting system, with the complete overhaul of the plumbing, reconstruction unwinding / winding.

   Espo s.r.l. - Advanced Cutting Technologies
   via Alberto da Giussano 30, 20010 Corbetta (Mi)
   Tel. +39 02-97.77.967 :: Fax. +39 02-97.77.968 :: mail.
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