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September 2012

Manual slitting system for tissue application 


The system will be installed in September 2012.


The overall project involves the complete modernization of the rewinder increasing the performance: speed, cutting quality and reducing time changeover and maintenance



A new, large slitting module has been introduced to the market by the Italian specialist, Espo s.r.l.

Developed from the tried and tested Espo Genius system, the new module brings unique safety features, quick setting of cant angle, depth of cut and new developments in blades to increase blade life. Quick replacement of blades and bottom knives means that down-time and setting times are reduced whilst Espo’s reputation for speedy and high quality cutting is maintained.

Main features of the company’s slitting systems include a quick and accurate positioning system; reliable and user-friendly knife-holders; different slit widths and styles, such as shear, razor and crush cutting; and the use of a certified range of steels and materials for blades and bottom knives to suit different slitting applications.

Systems may be manual or automatic and are fully customisable to achieve customers’ requirements and all incorporate features designed to improve the slitting quality and reduce slitting problems as well as minimise set up and maintenance time.

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